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Benefit Home Health Care is currently looking for motivated individuals who want to join our team!

Why you want to work for Benefit Home Health Care

  • It’s a small, independently, locally owned and operated company. Need I say more? In today’s world where corporations are the ‘norm’, it’s refreshing to not to be working for one. The owner is a PT, and also does home-visits and starts of care. Very nice to work for someone who also works with you!
  • Should you ever need support, or have questions about a patient’s condition, answers are quick and easy! The support from the other professionals and disciplines you’ll be working with (PT/OT/ST/MSW) is amazing. BHHC professionals truly do work as a team, which leads to excellent care and the best of outcomes for our patients.
  • You’ll truly feel like family. That’s how small this company is. Small and quite effective at giving excellent care to out patients! What you do will be appreciated by other disciplines, and you’ll appreciate them, as well.
  • The opportunities to learn are abundant. You’ll learn much through working so closely with the other disciplines involved in a patient’s care. You’ll not find this kind of opportunity at most other jobs.

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